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About Us

About Us

  • Founded in 1995
  • 17,500 clients across 20 Countries
  • International Quality Standards, ISO9001:2015, Human Resource Excellence (Gold) and BS8555
  • Three ETF ‘International Best Practice” programmes

The Optimum Results Mission Statement has remained unchanged for 25 years: “Dedicated to improving the business performance of our clients”. Founded in 1995 and based in Ireland, we are international specialist in Management & Staff Skills Development. We work to the highest quality standards and have a fulltime team of 22 people with 18 Specialist Associates. To date, we have a worked with 17,500 clients across 20 Countries.

Optimum Results is the only company to have three of its Management Training programmes classified by the European Union’s Training Foundation (ETF) as “International Best Practice”.

Recent years has also seen Optimum Results develop an advanced ‘On-Line / Blended Learning & LMS’ Services Division, SeamsCloud. This provides remarkable innovation and other benefits in cost, time & results effectiveness of its training services to clients at home and overseas.

Our consumer research sister Company, Customer Perceptions, also established in 1995, is a leading provider of critical information for managers of Retail & Service businesses and recently produced its 1,250,000th Mystery Shopping Report.


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