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The thing we are most proud of is what we do for our customers. There is nothing more rewarding for us than hearing from our clients about the value that we add and the solutions that we deliver, and of course our excellent customer service. However it is always nice to receive awards for our hard work and commitment.

Dundalk based Training Company, Optimum Results is awarded the EU Training Foundation’s “International Best Practice” award for their work in Small & Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Development.

This is the second such accolade received by Optimum Results from the Turin based European Training Foundation (ETF). In 2015 they received this award for their ‘Catalyst’ programme, which builds the Management and Exporting Skills of SMEs and this year’s award acknowledges their training which builds the skills of people who work with SMEs, this “Professional Business Advisers” programme is delivered to clients such as Business Development Agency staff, private sector trainers & consultants, bank offices and others.

Getting to the point of being awarded the ETF’s “International Best Practice” plaque is a challenging and rigorous process commencing with an annual EU open call for exemplary training programmes in different categories. If chosen, this phase is followed by a request for a raft of additional information and the finally a lengthy peer review.

For 21 years Optimum Results has specialised in ‘Improving the performance of business through improving the performance of its people’. Based in Dundalk in Ireland, midpoint on the Dublin / Belfast economic corridor, the company employs a fulltime team of 22 people with 18 specialist training associates and have worked with over 9,000 clients across 11 Countries including the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Recent years has seen Optimum Results also develop an advanced On-Line Training Services Division under the brand SeamsCloud for Online Corporate training and for employee Continuous Personal Development. This provides remarkable new opportunities Optimum Results and equally remarkable cost, time & results effectiveness for its clients at home and overseas. Sister company Customer Perceptions , also established in 1995, is a leading provider of Consumer Research / Mystery Shopping services for Retail & Service businesses and recently processed its 850,000th Client Customer Insight Report.

The EU's Training Foundation (ETF) again acknowledges Optimum Results 'international best practice' work in SME Development.

Mar 17, 2016

Now 21 Years in Business, the Optimum Results team can also celebrate receiving its second "International Best Practice" accolade from the ETF. This most recent award acknowledges the Company's "Professional Business Advisers" (PBA) programme which builds the competencies of people who work with SME Managers. The earlier programme focuses on SME Managers themselves, developing their skills to optimise the potential of their businesses, including first time & early exporters


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