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Case Study

The Company

SuMi Trust Global Asset Services are international leaders in fund accounting and fund financial reporting. They service a large number of hedge fund clients in the competitive global financial sector, providing a wide and diverse range of services, such as transfer agency and shareholder services, global custody and trustee services, corporate governance meeting services and investment compliance monitoring.

The Challenge

SuMi Trust has a large employee base which must be kept up to date with the regular changes in financial law. This meant regular, comprehensive training sessions across a number of companies, some with different software infrastructures, which complicated the rollout of an integrated system. Using the input and expertise both of our own designers and of SuMi’s own employees, both of whom are constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in their own fields, SuMi Trust is now able to prepare their entire employee base for the regular changes in their operating environment. This way they enable their staff to maximize their efficiency in dealing with clients, rolling out products and delivering their service. The company’s strategic interest in staying abreast of the regular changes in the dynamic global financial system and the need for an intuitive blended training system was of central importance to their corporate strategy.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, SuMi Trust rolled out the Seams Dedicated learning management system, bringing online a platform that supported blended learning – the mixing of online and instructor-led training. This gave them a virtual environment easily accessible to their employees and populated with a wide variety of training applications. Using this LMS, SuMi Trust keeps their entire staff up-to-date with market and legislative changes, ensuring best practice is maintained within their group and that each user is kept abreast with the fast-moving environment of the global financial sector. This LMS was rolled out to the company’s employees, giving them access to training courses built using the most modern and effective techniques in training design. This allows a consistency of efficiency right across the company’s various departments, and ensures the highest standard of efficiency, innovation and client focus from their staff – vital in the competitive and unforgiving sector in which SuMi Trust operates.


SuMi trust significantly streamlined and improved their training management and delivery systems using the Seams Dedicated learning management software. The data regarding employee usage and engagement with training was extremely positive. Firstly, the ability to easily manage and update course material and roll it out to the staff (the people who actually required the updates in knowledge for the performance of their duties) was a key benefit. Also the ability to retrieve and analyse training data was of great strategic benefit to the company going forward. The ability to see at a glance potential gaps in training, as well as what training courses are proving the most popular and most useful is a crucial factor in staying a step ahead of their competition.