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1st March 2016
Business growth and high profibility

Business Growth and Higher Profitability

Business Growth and higher Profitability can be created through knowing what two groups of people think and feel about your business, (i) your customers and (ii) […]
26th February 2016
new era of time cost and result effective training

A New Era in Cost, Time and Results Effective Training & HRD

Like virtually all aspects of our lives and business, Human Resource Development (HRD) is moving more and more to technology and with remarkably positive results. Managers […]
19th October 2015
Time management

Improving your Management Performance

Personal Effectiveness A few years ago Optimum Results surveyed over 300 Irish SME Managers to establish what they perceived as their top Personal Development needs. A […]
8th July 2015
Tracking Business Training

Tracking ROI In Your Business Training

4 Steps To Spending Your Money Wisely I came across this article the other day : Putting A Value On Training. It’s an old one, but […]