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1st March 2016
Business growth and high profibility

Business Growth and Higher Profitability

Business Growth and higher Profitability can be created through knowing what two groups of people think and feel about your business, (i) your customers and (ii) […]
25th February 2015
Hospitality and Retail Product Knowledge

3 Key Moments in Transmitting Product Knowledge to Your Customers.

The importance of product knowledge is a feature of your customer service that it may be easy to overlook. We don’t think you should, and here’s […]
10th February 2015
Customer Comeback staff training

Making Your Customers Comeback Kings!

Most businesses spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers. Advertising, promotions, social media – you’re probably doing it all. It’s necessary, of course, […]
28th November 2014

Six Ways to WOW! Your Customers!

We’ve been talking to some of your potential customers, (because that’s our job!). We asked them to recount a time when they were wowed by a […]