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Customer Perceptions is our sister company which specialises in providing our clients with customers’ insights through mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and consultancy, using customers to measure the service they receive at each stage of their interaction with a business.

Insights from the customers perspective results in a greater understanding of customers that can be used to deliver a better level of customer service, and ultimately greater loyalty and higher sales.

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Customer Perceptions Services

Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping is used as a method to collect data and feedback from the customer about their experience in dealing with a business with the aim of promoting customer engagement. Mystery shoppers (also called secret shoppers) act as real customers, evaluating the store and interacting with the staff. They then complete an on-line report to record their experience. Trained mystery shoppers are sent into a business to evaluate their experience as a customer.
Recorded Mystery Shopping
Video and audio mystery shopping captures the reality of the customer experience using state of the art covert video and audio recording equipment. Evaluations are conducted by specially trained mystery shoppers who records the quality of services delivered.

Recording mystery shopping gives an accurate picture of your customer engagement and what is going on within your business. The customer visits and calls are recorded and easily accessed via a link in the report that is specifically designed to capture the information you need. The output of these results is an invaluable training tool to improve the service you deliver, and the opportunity to enhance your engagement with customers.
Competitor Analysis
Competitor analysis allows you to measure or benchmark your own performance against your competitors. We will develop a research programme tailored to meet your specific needs and business objectives, making competitor analysis one of the most effectivve customer engagment solutions on the market.

The results of this research will allow you to evaluate and assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. This information will give you a clearer understanding of the marketplace so that you can adjust your business strategy to meet changing conditions and ultimately to increase sales.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction Surveys can be conducted face to face, by telephone or online to gauge your customer’s satisfaction levels and consumer loyalty. Our objective is to achieve maximum insight from carefully designed surveys, some of which take only a couple of minutes to complete.

This is a fast and efficient method to get a clear understanding of what your customers’ opinions are on your product or recent changes you may have made to your business, and can be a cornerstone of your consumer engagement platform.
Online Customer Surveys
Online Surveys allow you to discover the opinions of your customers or specified market. Surveys are designed to collect the data you require for your customer and employee engagement solutions. Respondents input their own data. This is stored electronically and is available much quicker and at a lower cost than traditional mystery shopping.

We have in excess of 5,500 shoppers/field researchers throughout Ireland who we can target specifically to complete these surveys so you obtain the relevant data to improve your business and increase sales.
Customer Services Training
A customer’s impression of any company is founded on how the front-line staff handle the initial moment of contact. A Customer Service Training Course will provide your staff with the essential skills to deal with your customers and promote consumer loyalty.

By participating in a customer service course your staff will learn essential communication skills and develop confidence to handle difficult customer situations in a positive manner. This will allow them to create opportunities for the business and ensure that the best possible service is being delivered to your customers, to enhance your customer engagement and to increase sales.

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