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E-learning and Microlearning

eLearning and Microlearning

What is eLearning?

eLearning can be defined as 'learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology'. It can cover a spectrum of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a ‘blended’ approach (a combination of traditional and eLearning approaches), to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element. Business save at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor based training with eLearning training.

Learning Management System

The Learner Management System (LMS) is an advanced, highly automated, software platform which plans, manages and records all training whether online, classroom or otherwise. (Note, the system administration is currently in English but the training content can be in any language).

eLearning Modules

An eLearning module is essentially an online learning course. The contents of a training course are packaged into a module that can be run in a web browser on any device any time. Here are some operational benefits of an eLearning module:
• Can contain text, images, video and interactivity

• Present the course content to the learners

• Test and validate learning by providing an assessment/test at the end of the module

• Send the results back to our learning platform (LMS) for statistics and reporting

• Can contain text, images, video and interactivity

• Complies with industry standards so that it is portable and can be moved from one LMS to another. Design->eLearning module -> LMS ->online learner

Benefits of eLearning


eLearning is accessible, reliable and efficient, training that can occur promptly and at any time. This means new staff can be trained quickly. It also means that your organisation ticks more compliance boxes which makes your organisation more cost-effective and modernised.

eLearning materials may be made accessible to the workforce throughout the day. This makes it possible for employees to learn the subject at their own pace and in comfortable settings. Also, unlike conventional learning methods where classroom training is provided, eLearning ensures the fast learners may complete their training sooner and this enhances productivity. Lastly, given that present day employees work out of different timezones, a learning tool that is available 24/7 makes it possible for the employers to offer staff training without a constraint on resources.


Audit Ready Reporting

The reporting functions of our Learning Management System provide for clear transparency of learners achievements and records (course activity, grades, certificates etc.). We can easily view the learners progress through their learning programme. Reporting functions are especially useful in high level Compliance required food / pharma or manufacturing industry which are open to audit, often up to several times per week.

Reduced Training Costs

Convenience is one of the best advantages of eLearning. Employees can take courses from the workplace or at home so no travelling is involved. Also, any hours of downtime can be allocated to training. This assists in keeping efficiencies to a maximum and cost to a minimum.

The more you train, the more cost-effective the training becomes. In terms of costs, businesses no longer have to spend on commutation, and classroom & infrastructure rentals. Trainer costs are typically one-time since the same material may be reused for multiple batches of learners. Finally, since all of this is in electronic format, paper consumption is significantly reduced. All of this brings about a significant reduction in the bottom-line.

No More Administration Charges

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional training. There is a major reduction in administration costs as managers can manage all of their employees training digitally. They can track their reports to see who has taken a course, what their progress is through their learning plan and check their score results online. Staff Handbooks are now available online.

Standardised & Consistent

You may have a great facilitator, but that’s no guarantee that the courses are presented the same across sessions. eLearning allows you to create a standardised process and consistency in the delivery of content. We do it with help of Seamscloud LMS.


Optimum Results has consultants positioned around globe that are not only considered thought leaders in their industry, but also specialise in improving business performance across scale, leadership, customer support, and operations.


Optimum Results tailor the eLearning content, according to your company’s internal processes and employee key performance indicators.

With comprehensive Company Induction / Onboarding modules and tailor-made health & safety programmes to Customer Service and Product handling, we cover the complete eLearning library requirements.