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  • Client: Enterprise Ireland
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Delivered to over 150 SMEs
The forerunner to Abu Dhabi Tasdeer and other such programmes (now the “Catalyst” Programme), Enterprise Ireland contracted Optimum Results Ltd to deliver a very ‘Targets & Results Focused’ development programme for some 150 of its SME Clients over a 5 year period. The 9 programmes were hosted in various regional locations throughout Ireland consisted of a series of Training Workshops and in-Company Mentoring & Coaching sessions with CEOs and Decision Making Senior Managers.

Each 8 month long programme culminated in the Company presenting its ‘Growth & Development Plan’ to a panel of experts including EI DAs, MAs, Sector Managers and Regional Directors and, while having an emphasis on Marketing and Exports the programme was very much about building strategic management skills and overall business performance improvement.

At the midpoint the programme was independently and professionally evaluated (‘Training & Evaluation Services’, Dublin) with remarkably positive findings (summary):

  • Participants most frequently commented that the programme gave them a clear sense of direction for the business with all key managers working to achieve the same, well defined, goals & objectives
  • Participating managers particularly liked that the programme not only insisting on the management team producing a clearly documented Business Growth & Development Plan, it also insisted on them having a strong Implementation & Actions section, “The plan for the plan”
  • All participants regarded themselves as ‘very busy people’ but regarded the programme as an excellent use of their time and very good value for money.
    • Customer satisfaction findings:

    • Overall satisfaction with the Services provided97%
    • Up to date Knowledge, Skills & Methodology96%
    • Courtesy, Professionalism & Attitude of our team98%
    • Would use again and Recommend us to others97%
    • Participants could measure Real Business Benefits92%
    • Value for Money ‘Excellent or Very Good’88%