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Management Development first line management

Management Development

Our suite of management development modules are designed to give your management team the skills and insight they need to maximise your business's performance.

These modules include elements such as team leadership, first line management, conflict management and investigating complaints in the workplace.

To see more detail about the training goals and content of our management development courses, simply click on any of the courses below. As with all our training programmes, any of these modules can be delivered to your employees individually or in any combination with modules from any of our other training categories.

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Attendance Management

After this course you'll appreciate and understand the importance of absence management, identify and resolve absence and performance issues, deal with problems situations in a timely and effective manner. We'll also cover the key legislation that covers attendance management.

Conflict Management

This course is designed to improve the communication, listening and influencing skills of the participants, to introduce conflict management strategies for different situations, methods for handling difficult people and to explore methods of handling conflict and the concept of "co-operative power".

First Line Management

In this course you'll learn the five key areas of management; self, people, customers, information and activities. You'll explore the concepts of strategic management thinking and learn how to analyse your business to set objectives and address key issues. You'll learn how to understand, create and develop KPIs as a business health check tool.

Team Leadership

This course is designed to identify the role and responsibilities of a team leader and to identify the skills and requirements for the role. We also examine how to develop, manage and motivate a high performance team and set SMART departmental objectives, as well as how to evaluate the performance of a team and the individuals within it.

Train The Trainer

This course explores the training model and the theories behind adult learning. It also helps participants to identify their own training style and choosing relevant content for a particular training session or group. It explores how best to use and present training materials, and importantly covers how to evaluate the effects of training.

Performance Management

Participants will develop an understanding of best practice in performance management and the techniques to employ in delivering performance reviews. The course covers using employee development and effective goal setting to achieve organisational objectives and helps participants to develop soft skills such as assertiveness and active listening.


This course is designed to develop the abilities of first line managers to effectively manage people, information, activities and resources. It also covers managing time effectively and focusing on key areas of business. Participants will also learn to manage high performance teams and design and deliver high quality presentations.

Investigating Complaints In The Workplace

This course is designed to teach participants best practice in openly discussing the issues and procedures around the investigation of workplace complaints. It also works to familiarise participants with best practice regarding the conducting of workplace investigations, including disciplinary policies and the importance of fair procedure.

MAGNA - Managers Assisted In Gaining New Abilities

MAGNA is an adaptable training programme to build the knowledge, skills, confidence and abilities of your middle & line managers. It is extremely flexible, allowing you to parcel together training elements that will best suit your business, agree with us concrete, measurable objectives, and decide the method of delivery you feel will be most effective.