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Human Resource Excellence® HRD Standard

Our experience this past year serves to fully reinforce our long held belief of a global interest in, and the need for, a formal approach to “Improving the performance of organisations through improving the performance of people”. HRE is the only Human Resource Development Standard in the world which brings the world’s best in HRD systems & methodologies together with the world’s best in modern technologies. In this regard, our focus (and a major investment) this year has been on bringing you the next generation in Online Training & Blended Learning Services and Learning Management System (LMS) which dovetail with the requirements of the HRE Standard and now provides our partners with unequalled competitive advantage in the marketplace. See:
Online Training & HR Services

While it has served us well, the current HRE website has become quite outdated and is currently being fully overhauled & modernised. Very hopefully the site will be re-launched by the end of January and many of the documents associated with the Standard are also being revamped. However, any change will be gentle and all the current documents apply in the meantime.

Amongst other important changes are that HRE now operates a ‘three level’ model, allowing access for organisations who need to start at a less demanding level. However, it is important to stress that only Level 3 represents the actual Standard. Levels 1 & 2 are entirely optional but provide well deserved recognition and acknowledgement of progress on the journey to establishing Human Resource Excellence.

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