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Human Resource Excellence News

The Human Resource Excellence Institute (International)

“The Human Resource Excellence Institute”®.

HREI was recently established to provide some important functions and involves the highly respected Board of Governors & Advisors of the Human Resource Excellence® Standard:

It is envisaged that this Board will grow further over the coming months to better represent the geographical areas of our operations and note that this is to indicate Governance and all elements involved are owned by Optimum Results Ltd.

(i) HREI provides professional, impartial, validation of best practices for several aspects of Optimum Results’ work, including the Human Resource Excellence Standard, with its partners and clients around the world. As we describe it here, it is our “custodian of excellence”.

(ii) HREI provides acknowledgement, accreditation & certification for business related training and HRD Standards in a practical, cost effective, non-academic fashion. See: Accreditation/Certification for Partners & Clients

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