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The Optimum Results Mission Statement has remained remains unchanged for a quarter century:

“Dedicated to improving the business performance of our clients”.

Based in Ireland and operating to the highest international Quality Standards, we have worked with over 12,000 Clients across 13 countries, employ a full-time team of 22 people with an additional 18 Subject & Sector associate expert consultants/ trainers. We now combine leading Business Management Skills & Knowledge development with advanced Online Technologies ( to bring hugely cost effective, results focused, world-class services to our customers around the globe.

We have a wide range of internationally deliverable services which are covered in more detail below, however, feel free to contact us for information more specific to your organisation.

Services to Business Development Agencies, Enterprise Authorities, Government Ministries and Funding Organisations.

Optimum Results have three of its SME Programmes classified as “International Best Practice" by the European Union’s Training Foundation (ETF)

  • Catalyst™ SME Management Skills (and early exporter) Business Development Programme.
  • The Professional Business Advisory™ (PBA), competencies for those who work with SME.
  • IGNITE™ Building management structure and the skills of Line / Middle management.
Importantly, at Optimum Results we believe that properly trained local provides with a thorough knowledge of language and culture will always do a better job than visiting consultants. In this regard, we place a strong emphasis on training local skills to deliver these programmes and subsequently provide continual development mentoring if required.

Online / Blended Learning and LMS Services

A new era in highly cost and time effective training and consultancy services

  • Typical Cost Savings of 60 to 80% over traditional methods.
  • Vast improvement in Training Records and “audit ready” Compliance training data.
  • Training delivered on Any Device ...PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.
  • Anytime, Anywhere with minimal disruption to duty rosters and diaries.
  • Any Subject matter in Any Language, pitched at Any Level (appropriate pedagogy).
  • System can be built up over years and elements updated regularly as required.
  • Full API allows integration with current or other systems.
  • Can be easily used in conjunction with classroom and other training methods (Blended Learning) EXAMPLE: Two of our recent overseas training programmes (UAE and Macedonia) involved over 300 days of online Audio-Visual Mentoring
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Partners / Agents - Collaboration and Joint Venture Tenders

We are keen to expand our network of business partners across the globe. If you have an existing successful business providing Consultancy, Human Resource (HRM/D) Training or other business improvement services to your clients and keen to expand your range of services, we would be very pleased to explore mutually beneficial opportunities.

We also actively work with our partners to “localise” our training and other services, your knowledge of language, culture, policies and practices together with our services and experience can be a winning combination, particularly in emerging and developing markets.

We welcome enquiries from prospective partners interested in:

  • International Best Practice SME Development.
  • Online Training, Blended Learning and HR Management.
  • Strategic Management and Staff Skill Development.
  • World-class HR systems and Standards.
  • Join/Collaboration Tender Responses.
  • Client Specific Projects.

Catalyst - SME First Time and Early Exporters Programme

Combining face-to-face management training and online mentoring sessions over a period of six months, the Catalyst consultancy and business development programme will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a practical, effective export plan for your business.

MAGNA - Managers Assisted In Gaining New Abilities

MAGNA is an adaptable training programme to build the knowledge, skills, confidence and abilities of your middle & line managers. It is extremely flexible, allowing you to parcel together training elements that will best suit your business, agree with us concrete, measurable objectives, and decide the method of delivery you feel will be most effective.

HRE - Human Resource Excellence®

Human Recourse Excellence® is a formal, international HR development standard, with a focus on the performance of the organisation as its primary objective. Governed and advised by an independent panel of leading academic, business management and HR experts, the HRE® standard is a guarantee that your business achieves the highest possible operational quality.

Study Visits To Ireland

We bring businesspeople from all over the world to Ireland on sector-specific study visits.These visits are designed to impart practical, usable information and ideas that will allow any business to institute best-practice guidelines within their own organisation. If you're interested in learning more, click on the button below to request more information.

Online Training & Learning Management Systems

Through Seams Cloud, our online training division, we produce high-quality, very practical eLearning courses and entire learning management systems.Our eLearning courses are available off-the-shelf to answer common compliance requirements, or we can work with you to build tailored induction or training material containing video, audio, multimedia and interactive content. We also build bespoke learning management systems to streamline your training administration or our Seams Cloud LMS is one of the most versatile, affordable subscription-based Learning Management Systems available on the market.

SME Train The Trainer Programme

Our SME Train The Trainer Course can put your training needs and procedures back into your own hands. Our course covers the necessary theoretical background like the training model and adult learning, to practical competencies like choosing relevant training material, how best to present it, and evaluating the effects of training.

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