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Human Resources

Our suite of human resource modules are designed to give your staff the skills and insight they need to effectively manage people, and by doing so maximise your business performance.

These modules include elements such as employee appraisal, conflict management, interviewing, recruitment, selection and professional labour law.

To see more detail about the training goals and content of our human resources programmes simply click on the course below. Any of these modules can be delivered to your employees individually or in any combination with modules from any of our other training categories.

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Employee Appraisal

After this course, participants will be able to analyse performance management systems, to identify the benefits of good performance management systems and to develop SMART objectives in pursuit of organisational goals. It will also supply participants with the tools needed to effectively manage performance and effectively manage conflict during appraisals.

Employee Retention & Career Development

This course puts forward the business case for focusing on career development. It also introduces the skills required for developing employees and best practice in career discussions. It also introduces and explores the key skills in the career coaching process.

Interviewing, Recruitment & Selection

In this course participants will learn to set up a job profile, to agree the traits required for a given role and to structure an interview in order to ensure suitable candidates are delivered. It also covers understanding and employing the best processes to attract suitable applicants for the interview process.

Basic HR

This course is designed to teach the basic relevant legislation and its implication for business. It also covers unserstanding candidate specifications, developing interview techniques and understanding the benefits of performance management systems, and best practice in setting them up.

Conflict Management

This course is designed to improve the communication, listening and influencing skills of the participants, to introduce conflict management strategies for different situations, methods for handling difficult people and to explore methods of handling conflict and the concept of "co-operative power".

Labour Law

This course is designed to help participants understand the responsibilities and requirements required by law at every stage of the recruiting and employment process. It also explores best practice policies and procedures in meeting the employment standards required by law for businesses.

Train The Trainer

This course explores the training model and the theories behind adult learning. It also helps participants to identify their own training style and choosing relevant content for a particular training session or group. It explores how best to use and present training materials, and importantly covers how to evaluate the effects of training.