identify and understand the principles of marketing.

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Marketing & E-Marketing

Marketing & E-Marketing

Our suite of marketing & e-marketing modules are designed to help your employees identify and understand the principles of marketing.

These modules include elements such as conducting marketing audits, developing strategic marketing plans and understanding the tools and techniques that will boost your presence online.

To see more detail about the training goals and content of our marketing & e-marketing courses, simply click on the course below. As with all our training programmes, any of these modules can be delivered to your employees individually or in any combination with modules from any of our other training categories.

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Developing Marketing Strategy

You'll learn to identify and understand the principles of marketing, to identify customers and their individual needs and how to divide them by segment. We'll also cover the development and implementation of an effective marketing strategy.

Fundamental Marketing Skills

We'll cover the process of conducting a marketing audit of your business, of developing a strategic marketing plan and increasing your awareness of modern management, marketing and sales activities to enhance sustainable bottom-line performance.

Introduction to E-Marketing

In this course you'll gain an overview of the principled of online marketing, PR and social media. You'll gain an understanding of the tools and practices which will boost your presence online, and understand the appropriate use of free tools such as blogging and social media, and of paid areas such as Google Adwords.