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A New Era in Cost, Time and Results Effective Training & HRD

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19th October 2015
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1st March 2016
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A New Era in Cost, Time and Results Effective Training & HRD

new era of time cost and result effective training

Like virtually all aspects of our lives and business, Human Resource Development (HRD) is moving more and more to technology and with remarkably positive results. Managers of public & private sector organisations have always acknowledged the indisputable link between good quality training and organisational performance and now experts across the globe also agree that all training can at least be delivered using a Blended Learning solution and over 80% of ALL training can be delivered online. In fact, an essential skill for today’s Trainers and HRD professionals is the ability to build cost and time saving technology into their training strategy.

However, to really focus the mind of business managers let’s look at just some typical benefits now being experienced by our clients…

  • Dramatic Cost Savings ranging from 50% to 80%.
  • Vast improvement in Training Records and Compliance / Audit readiness.
  • Training delivered on Any Device …PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.
  • SeamsCloud LMS planning, managing and recording training for Any number of staff with no capital outlay, just a small predictable per person per year charge.
  • Training delivered Anytime, Anywhere with minimal disruption to duty rosters and diaries.
  • Any Language and training appropriately designed for Any Learner.
  • Any Subject matter …Compliance, Skills, Systems, Product & Technical Knowledge, updates & revisions, the list goes on and on.
  • Enjoyable, engaging and self paced
  • System can be built up over years and elements updated regularly as required.
  • May be Closely linked to the organisation’s Performance Manager system and may be linked to externally Accreditation requirements.
  • Far more training can be delivered each year, creating real organisational ‘competitive advantage’ at minimal cost and with optimal efficiency.

Unlike many who provide technology based services, is the online training division of Irish based Optimum Results Ltd who has delivered ‘international best practice’ Training & HRD services to more than 10,000 clients across 11 countries over 21 years. As they say, we have always been and always will be in the business of “Improving the performance of organisations through the performance of people”; it’s just that we’ve moved on a bit from the overhead projector and screen.

The service has three main elements:

  1. The Learner Management System (LMS) is an advanced, highly automated, software platform which Plans, Manages and Records ALL training whether online, classroom or otherwise. (Note, the system administration is currently in English but the training content can be in any language)
  2. The Online Content / Training Modules can be designed & created by us, by the Client themselves or sourced from others. (SeamsCloud can host the older Scorm or the newer Tincan based online training programmes together with Video clips and links to additional information).
  3. Unlike most companies in this business, our service can include expert advice and facilitation of the client’s programme of design, implementation and optimisation of the Online / Blended Learning Training Strategy.

Seldom are such programmes the same but usually follow this type of pattern…

  • Demonstration of the system, discussions regarding client business and specific requirements & applications, followed by a 30 day FREE Trial of the LMS with ongoing discussions as needs be.
  • A quick user guide is made available to the system administrator who also has access to an interactive training module on the system itself and the SeamsCloud Helpdesk.
  • Staff members’ names are quickly and simply imported onto the LMS from existing records or through integration with other systems.
  • Initial online training modules are usually ‘Compliance related / Compulsory / Mandatory / Audited’ type modules which may require Validation of learning.
  • The next step is often to include Induction Training and The Staff Handbook for all new staff members with validation of learning as may be desirable. (templates available if required)
  • Thereafter, training modules may include the use of equipment, work wear, standard operating procedures & practices (SOPs) and training relating to other internal systems can be built up over time.                               Skills Development modules may include a wide variety of topics such as Selling & Customer Care, Communication, Time Management & Personal Organisation, Interviewing, Appraisal Reviews, email etiquette etc.
  • Product and Technical knowledge training modules may be hosted not only for staff but also for external agents or sales people (perhaps different languages with variances for localised legal or industry standards) with third party suppliers often happy to fund the development of training modules relating to their products.

The SeamsCloud LMS has been rigorously tested and highly complimented by discerning users saying they found it to be, “particularly easy to use and very obviously designed by experienced expert HR professionals”. However, the most important feedback from Training & HR Managers stress that “we can now do so much more for so much less”. The full SeamsCloud specification and Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes detailed information about excellent security of data, technical support and additional services.

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