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We are EU recognised & acknowledged as International Leaders in SME Development, with European Training Foundation (ETF) award winning programmes. Why not partner with us today to deliver these programmes in your country to your clients.

Programme 1 - Catalyst

Our bespoke training programme CATALYST is designed by us for delivery through agency trainers to train SME managers whose organisations are at the early stage of exporting or who are preparing to export. CATALYST provides participating SME managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to allow them develop effective Export Focused Growth and Development Plans for their business in addition to developing Personal Development Plan for themselves as managers.

Programme 2 – Professional Business Advisor

In addition, our Professional Business Advisor (PBA) is a flexible training programme designed toimprove the competencies of Business Development Agency frontline staff or any personnel who work in the field of Advising, Facilitating, or Mentoring SME Managers in order to optimise the performance of their business. It is delivered by our experienced and well qualified experts to your trainers in the field of SME development and the structure and duration of PBA may vary to suit the needs of clients. Participants of the more substantial programmes are awarded the ‘Advanced Certificate/ Diploma in Client Business Development’.

HR Software Providers

Our elearning system SeamsCloud may be interesting for HR Software providers who wish to add the LMS to their HR Software Systems using our API (Application Programme Interface).


You may wish to act as our agent in your country. SeamsCloud elearning provides the LMS learning platform and 1500+ elearning modules for SME’s through to Large Corporates.

Link Your System with Our API

The SeamsCloud API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating your system with a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS). You can take advantage or our system’s ability to schedule, deliver, track and report on all training with full support for Scorm and Tincan online learning and eLearning.

What can you do with our API?

The SeamsCloud API allows other system to interact with SeamsCloud and access all the advantages of a Learning Management System. For example a HR or payroll system could connect with our learning management system and integrate all the training directly into the HR system itself.

The customers and users of the HR system would see the LMS as being part of the HR system. The owners of the HR system could market their system as having its own LMS.

Our API is clearly documented and easy to use. It is a RESTful API and it is implemented using the latest technologies and best practices and can be connected to using many different programming languages on various platforms. In fact we love our API so much that our user interface is built using it - so we actually connect to our own system via our API in the same way as our partners connect.

So if you need a learning management system as part of your HR or recruitment system then save time and money by talking with us now.