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Personal Development presentation skills

Personal Development

Our suite of personal development modules are designed to give you the skills and insight you need to maximise your business performance and career opportunities.

These modules include elements such as communication & assertiveness, stress management, time management and professional presentation skills.

To see more detail about the training goals and content of our personal development courses, simply click on any of the courses below. As with all our training programmes, any of these modules can be delivered to your employees individually or in any combination with modules from any of our other training categories.

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Communication & Assertiveness Skills

After this course, participants will understand the advantages of assertive behaviour, take steps towards assertiveness, and learn to be effective communicators. They will understand how to say "no", and learn the skills necessary to deal effectively with difficult and aggressive behaviour.

Stress Management

This course helps participants to define the concept of stress and to recognise its personal and organisational cost. It teaches participants to identify the causes of stress and its impact on work and life in general. It also explores a range of stress reduction techniques and practical, effective coping strategies.

Time Management

This course will enable participants to plan and use their working time more effectively. It explores how to focus on identifying clearly defined goals and results. Through participation in this course your employees will learn to focus on key areas of work life in order to get those results they desire.

Professional Presentation Skills

Participants in this course will learn effective tips for overcoming nervousness, the principles effective presentation and using body language and the voice effectively. We will also cover techniques to understand your audience, and develop participants' skills in a wide range of presentation styles.

Innovation & Creativity

This course is designed to develop key skills of innovative and creative thinking in your staff, and to introduce techniques of thinking and action which will encourage "outside-the-box" thinking among your employees in their approach to organisational procedures.

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