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Sales & Business Development

Sales Training

Our suite of sales & business development modules are designed to increase your employee motivation and skill in selling and negotiation. These modules include elements such as developing SMART sales plans, effective questioning techniques and the skills of effective negotiation. To see more detail about the training goals and content of our sales & development courses, simply click on the course below. As with all our training programmes, any of these modules can be delivered to your employees individually or in any combination with modules from any of our other training categories..

Trainer Profile

All of our trainers are specialist consultants in their chosen field and are able to provide a vast amount of industry knowledge throughout the training experience. This elevates our courses a step above your standard off-the-shelf training course.

All trainers provided by Optimum Results fully comply with our ISO and HRE Quality Systems & Procedures. The criteria for the selection of trainers state that all trainers who work on Optimum Results programmes are:

  • Educated to at least third level in a business or management related discipline.
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant business management experience.
  • Hold a recognised, formal qualification in Training of Adults.
  • Have a demonstrable enthusiasm for the subject matter and have excellent communication skills.

Effective Telesales

Our Effective Telesales course covers areas such as maximising your existing sales force potential, new approaches to introducing products by telephone, effective questioning methods to establish engagement with customers and customer needs early, setting targets and breaking them!

Sales Presentation Skills

Learn to understand customer behaviour and attitudes, delivering improved sales through use of a positive attitude, build an effective approach to presentation and listening skills, increase existing customer sales through effective territory management and to create SMART sales plans.

Negotiation Skills

You'll learn to understand the negotiation process and to appreciate what makes a good negotiator. During the course we'll also cover the various techniques involved in effective negotiations and how to practice them, and explain the skills involved in win/win negotiations. The program includes further coaching that enables your team to review how they have applied their new negotiation skills. We also calculate the return on investment you have achieved as a result of our negotiation skills training program.

Sales Skills

Our sales training course is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer care and to sell proactively. We also cover maximising your current sales resource by refreshing skills and motivation, and up-skilling both field sales representatives and sales managers.People who usually deal with selling on a daily or weekly basis, but never had any formal sales training. Our sales training course is ideal for them.

Customer Service Skills

This course gives participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer care and to sell proactively. Participants will also gain the opportunity to practise and improve their computer skills through exposure to online learning. Our customer service course is suitable for those who are currently working in customer service or want to join customer service as a profession.

Customer Service Skills training (elearning)

Choose from our micro-learning range of elearning modules below ranging from 5 mins duration to 30 mins duration each.
' Full Range of modules are available here.

  • Creating Great Customer Conversations - 04min 56 sec duration - What exactly does it take to have a good conversation that would be considered good service? How do we deal with others with good customer service? Great customer conversations can be achieved with these five easy steps: Prepare, Greet, Act, Offer, and Thanks. That makes a great customer conversation.
  • Representing Your Brand-05 min 47 sec duration-There’s a lot that goes into making sure you properly represent your brand – your clothes, your hair, how you drive, and more. Today we’re going to talk about how you present yourself can help you be the brand!
  • The 4 P's For Creating Loyal Customers-03 min5 sec- It's easy to make the mistake of assuming that customer service is all about happy employees delivering smiling service. Friendly service is absolutely a requirement, but that alone isn't enough. People are just one of the Ps required. This program details the building blocks and the "mortar" that holds them together—four Ps that are essential for supermarkets to drive customer satisfaction.
  • How to Stay Positive with Customers-03min 33sec duration- If you’re positive, your actions and communications will be positive, and in turn your interactions with your customers will be positive. There will always be someone you can’t please, but by eliminating certain phrases, you’ll increase your probability of a satisfied customer.
  • How to Upsell-05min 33sec duration-Upselling is an art and it’s one you need to master if you’re in retail. It’s a delicate balance of communication, product knowledge, and the power of suggestion. The problem with most upselling is that it happens at the wrong time. A successful upsell is more than asking “Would you like anything else?” It’s about you demonstrating a value to your customer.
  • Managing Retail Employees-10 min 16 sec duration- Being a manager is difficult. Being a manager in the world of retail is even more difficult. Not only are you responsible for achieving store goals which include sales, upsells, shrink, and customer satisfaction, but also your success is dependent on the people who work for you.

Call us for a quote: prices range from €5 to €25 per module depending on your requirements.

Advanced Sales Strategy

This course aims to build a professional and comprehensive approach to presentation, selling and listening skills. It also covers increasing sales through effective territory and journey management, and achieving behavioural and cultural change by involving all levels of management.

Prices - Typical Training Day:

Prior to the training day our consultants will meet with you FREE of charge to discuss the specific requirements of your organisation. Training topics are covered in a one-day course with certificate of completion.

12-15 people - €75* per participant per day

*Not including room hire, training aids, travel expenses

Programme Outline

Psychology of Selling

  • Challenges and barriers to success
  • Psychology of selling and customer behaviour
  • Personal motivation

Programme Outline

Researching, Prospecting and Getting New Clients.

  • How to research and prospect new customers
  • Cold calling, appointments and the decision making unit

Setting Goals and Managing Targets

  • Journey and territory management
  • Organisation
  • Managing sales plans
  • Setting goals and targets