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SeamsCloud Learning Management System

15th July 2016
Aidan Harte Award WInner
SME Development and Internationalisation award for Optimum Results.
26th June 2018
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SeamsCloud Learning Management System

SeamsCloud LMS

Optimum Results are happy to release version 1.73 of their SeamsCloud Learning Management System.

We are constantly striving to deliver the best user experience and functionality for our clients and this release includes several improvements based on our customer feedback.

New in this version

Award Badges

Learners can now earn badges as they accomplish training milestones. Administrators can set which courses earn badges on completion. There are four different badges that can be earned, depending on the level of accomplishment or difficulty of the training.

Improved user dashboard

One of our primary objectives is to make our LMS as easy to use as possible. We have made some more improvements to the main user dashboard based on customer feedback. As our CTO says “This is now so intuitive that our customers are now able to use the system without the need of the user’s manual”

Sorting data makes things easier

Several improvements have been made to our reporting pages, and now everywhere there is a table list in SeamsCloud it is possible to sort the list up or down, making it easier to find the info you need quickly.

Auto Smart Enrol System

Updates to our Auto Smart Enrol feature now make it even easier to set the system up. You can now enrol any group of staff in a training course and in the future any staff member who joins that group will be automatically enrolled. In fact when a new staff member starts the system can now enrol the starter in all relevant training automatically. Sit back and let SeamsCloud do the work, and use our reporting features to track your learner’s progress.

We are well on our way to completing this years roadmap ahead of schedule. Our next release is due in mid July and we will always keep you updated with all improvements and updates as they happen.


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