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Training & Consultancy

Training & Consultancy

Improve your staff competencies, engagement and retention by supplying effective, practical training. Our courses cover essential areas like project management and customer service training, and specialisations like Lean Six Sigma and train the trainer.

Take a look at the business training courses we offer, and contact us to discuss what combination would best suit your organisation.

All of our training modules are available both online and in the classroom from any of the below categories in any combination, so you can tailor a training programme for your staff that will answer the specific business needs of your business.

Our team of experienced business trainers have the expertise to ensure that your organisation receives the most effective, results-focused business training available on the market.

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Sales & Business Development

Our suite of sales & business development modules are designed to increase your employee motivation and skill in selling and negotiation. These modules include elements such as developing SMART sales plans, effective questioning techniques and the skills of effective negotiation.

Marketing & E-Marketing

Our suite of marketing programmes will help you develop fundamental skills for the promotion of your business, such as conducting a marketing audit, developing marketing strategy, identifying customers and their needs, and the practical tools available to facilitate effective e-marketing.

Management Development

Help your management team develop key skills to effectively fulfil their roles within your business. Our management development courses cover essential skills such as conflict management, attendance management and investigating complaints, while also containing more specialised courses such as our effective Train The Trainer programme and our internationally-delivered IGNITE programme.

Personal Development

Our personal development courses are designed to instil in your staff the skills and attitudes required to operate effectively within a business environment. Covering topics such as communication & assertiveness, stress management and innovation & creativity, we also offer courses which provide practical strategies and techniques for time management and effective presentation skills - essential qualities for any business environment.

Human Resources

Managing people is one of the most complex areas of business activity, and one of the most essential. Our suite of HR courses cover areas from basic HR to employee appraisal and retention, as well as more complex areas such as interviewing, recruitment and selection, labour law and our effective Train The Trainer course.


Our sister company, Seams Cloud develops high-quality e-learning courses and state-of-the-art learning management systems. We provide both off-the-shelf, cost effective solutions as well as customised industry specific solutions. Talk to us today to find a solution that matches your needs.