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Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to improving the business performance of our clients.

Aidan Harte, MD Optimum Results Ltd

With 21 years experience Optimum Results Ltd apply a vast range of knowledge and experience in providing a range of services to boost the performance of your business. Our products and services have been finely tuned to meet the needs of our customers over the years, and we now have the confidence, capacity and flexibility to deliver our range of products and solutions and add value to any business.

Optimum Results Training

We provide classroom and online training specifically tailor-made to the training requirements of your company / organisation. We start with analysing the need within the company, consulting, assigning and implementing training with follow-up confirmation training objectives being met. After a set period of time we return to ensure these objectives are still being met thereby ensuring the solid management structure of your company / organisation.


SeamsCloud is our online e-learning division. We can create an e-learning library specifically for your company or you can choose from our e-learning library of 1500+ courses to develop your own e-learning library. Seams Cloud also provide you with a state of the art learning management system (LMS) which will deliver “Audit Ready” Reporting on your employee training history and replace, in many instances, the need to schedule many employees in one room for a day’s training. SeamsCloud delivers Company Induction to all employees standardising the business processes and functions.

Customer Perceptions

Customer Perceptions is our Mystery Shopping division answering and analysing all those questions you want to know about your customers shopping experience within your business. In many instances, we can follow up with training from Optimum Results for those areas of your business, analysed by Mystery Shopping, that require attention.


“Providing the knowledge and competence to complete the required task with confidence". Skillsboost is available online to any user requiring upskilling in many areas of business, IT skills, Sales Training, Social Care….see list of course subjects attached. Click here to view our online training courses.

Why we do what we do?

Our clients are some of the most conscientious SME’s and Multinationals with the regular problems of time and finance. Optimum Results can provide training to improve efficiencies, improve staff retention and deliver growth through our Classroom, Online and blended learning programmes.
All companies have employees however it is the most successful companies that have directed, confident and content employees.

21 years experience and what we have learned about the industry along the way.

Business experts across all industries and sizes of organisations agree that it should be the role of senior managers / directors to create the vision, devise strategy, set policies, and provide leadership. Thereafter, competent and capable middle and line managers / supervisors should implement these plans and achieve the desired results with on-going supervision & leadership. However, supervisors, line and middle managers are often promoted from the lower ranks because they performed well in their previous role but it is now essential that they are provided with the knowledge, skills, attitude & behaviours (competencies) to undertake a very different role and set of responsibilities.


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