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Your Customers’ Moments of Truth- Guiding Them Through

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Your Customers’ Moments of Truth- Guiding Them Through

Customers moment of truth

A customer’s “Moment of Truth” is the crucial moment at each step of their dealings with your organisation, so a customer might have several Moments of Truth before they enter your premises, make a purchase or decide to return again!

Have some of your managers, staff or even a few friends complete a quick Moments of Truth audit when they have a moment. You’ll need to adjust the specifics to your own business, but it should look something like this: 

Pre Engagement

Score 1 (low) – 10 (high)


  • Website/Brochure/Advertising/ Prospective Customer Communication
  • Telephone/ Email Enquiry Communication
  • Convenience of Location and Access (Parking, etc.)
  • Experience/ Perception/ Reputation/ Word of Mouth



Score 1 (low) – 10 (high)

  • Ambience & Atmosphere, Lighting, Colour, Décor, Music, Hygiene, etc.
  • Store Layout, Store Flow, Signage, Ease of Navigation
  • Staff Appearance, Uniforms, Personal Presentation, Name Badges, etc.
  • Staff Pleasantness, General Customer Service Disposition, Attitude
  • Customer Needs Investigation Skills, Product and Technical Knowledge
  • Selling Skills, Closing the Sale Skills
  • Ease of Payment and Exit


Post-Sale Engagement

Score 1 (low) – 10 (high)

  • “Purchases to Destination”, Delivery, Installation
  • Product and Process Instruction/ Ease of Use
  • Supports/ Help & Assistance
  • Warranty/ Guarantee


                There’s a long list of potential moments where your customers could be swayed one way or the other by a whole host of possible factors. The idea here is to get people – your managers, your staff – to think about when and where those moments may occur, and how best to address them – to make sure that the customer is swayed one way rather than the other.

Once your staff are in the habit of thinking in these terms then new Moments of Truth applicable to your own business will suggest themselves, and with proper engagement by your managers and staff (and a little bit of imagination), you’ll find concrete improvements in your business performance in every category!

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