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16th June 2015

Employee Retention and Training

3 Simple Considerations on Employee Retention and Training. The cartoon above is a light-hearted way of addressing an age-old business issue of employee retention and training. The […]
2nd June 2015
Effective business training

5 Steps to Setting Effective Training Goals

Maximising The Effectiveness Of Your Training Here at Optimum Results we cover all aspects of business training, from traditional classroom training to the most advanced learning […]
26th May 2015

What Is A Cloud LMS?

And What Can It Do For Your Organisation? It may be useful to focus in on some of the terms and shine a light on some […]
19th May 2015
Customers moment of truth

Your Customers’ Moments of Truth- Guiding Them Through

A customer’s “Moment of Truth” is the crucial moment at each step of their dealings with your organisation, so a customer might have several Moments of […]