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The participants will be provided with the framework to train potential instructors or subject matter experts to allow them to train other people in their organisations.


2 Half Days or one full day

Interactive Sessions

Engaging Content

Experienced Trainers

Experts in their field

Resources & Materials

Reference notes

The participants will be provided with the expertise and will be empowered with the new knowledge and skills, to be able to train further batches of people in the organisation.

Senior levels of staff, members of management and entrepreneurs.

On completion of the training participants will:
• Understand competencies and how adults learn.
• Be able to identify training needs for individuals and teams.
• Design appropriate, cost effective and results focused training.
• Understand the concepts of andragogy and deliver effective training.
• Undertake post-training programme review and evaluation.
• Address special training needs and manage reluctant learners.
• Keep appropriate training records for individuals and teams.
• Have a personal programme for personal development and further development.


2 Half Days or one full day

The Programme is divided into Six Parts (part six is optional and not included in core fees)

Part One: Registration and Participant Profiling
The first stage is Registration and Participant Profiling. This stage is designed to inform the trainer to deliver relevant and appropriate training content in the most appropriate way (andragogy)


Parts Two to Five: Interactive Workshop Webinars

Usually delivered over two half days, one week apart. The four interactive workshop webinars are each 90 minutes long with a 15-minute break. (Please note that this programme is designed for Supervisors & Line Managers and a longer, more intense, and detailed programme may be appropriate in some circumstances and this can be the subject of a separate proposal)

Day One:
A: Introduction & Discussion / the Job of Training & Developing Adults / Training Needs Analysis (90 minutes)
B: Designing Cost effective, results focused Training / Use of technology in Training (90 minutes)


Day Two:
C: Delivering Effective Training, Training Styles & Tools, Validating Learning (90 minutes)
D: Evaluation & Review of Training Effectiveness / Records / Managing challenging learnings / Personal Development & Continual Improvement (90 minutes)


Part Six: Certificates and Reporting (optional and not included in fees)
The final stage includes the submission and independent assessment of workbooks and validation of learning. A ‘Certificate in Training Practice’ will be issued to participants who satisfy the criterial of the independent assessor and branded with the two logos of M1 Drogheda Skillnet and Human Resource Excellence. A report is also made available to the Programme Manager which will include the following:

• Return of assessed Workbooks
• Overall assessment the effectiveness of this ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme
• Recommendations for continual improvement/additional needs as relevant

Following discussions and a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Optimum Results were requested to design and develop a “Management Training Programme” which focused on the development of fundamental management competencies for the participants. This programme ran from October 2018 until March 2019 and was followed by two additional days one-to-one Mentoring and Personality Profiling sessions with each of the participants. Small teams of participants also completed and presented very valuable ‘Work Based Assignments’. Overall, the feedback was extremely positive, and the CG Global management team advised they were impressed with the results.
Andrea Flanagan
CG Global / Avantha Group Company CG, Cavan

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