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This brand new innovative programme brought you by Optimum Results provides Female Entrepreneurs or Women Managing Business with the tools they need to grow and develop their companies when faced with unique challenges.


6/8 x 3 hour online sessions
3 x mentoring sessions
10 hours x Offline learning

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A new ‘skills and technology’ based approach to enable women to reach their full professional potential.

The new Optimum Results’ Women Managing Business Series has evolved from our work with Women Business Managers over the past 26 years. ‘Designed and Delivered by Ambitious & Dynamic Women for Ambitious & Dynamic Women’, these programmes represent a unique and highly effective approach to optimising business and career opportunities for women in all types of businesses across the


While the core skills of business management remain constant regardless of gender, extensive research and our experience show that women face specific challenges. This programme is designed specifically to address those barriers so that women can succeed in business.


Both programmes in our Women Managing Business series build Management Skills on three fundamental foundations:

(i) Managing Self,

(ii) Managing Business, 

(iii) Digital Fluency.



Women who wish to start their own business and manage its early phase growth or Women managing an established business which has potential for significant Growth & Development (including exports).

This series of training represents a new approach to enabling women to achieve work/life balance – while engaging in a comprehensive self-development programme, learners will also discover how leading-edge technology can be utilised to optimise their performance.

The Optimum Results training webinar workshops are interactive, participative, engaging and enjoyable with modular content delivered by experienced and qualified subject experts.


Three-hour modules are delivered in two 90 minute blocks with a 15 minute break. 

Training focuses on building practical skills required by the Participants and assist the conversion of knowledge into action.


Training materials, templates and the programme workbook are of a high
standard and are sent to Participants a few days in advance of each module.


Networking, peer support and collaboration is facilitated and encouraged to continue far beyond the duration of the training and, as with all Optimum Results’ training programmes, Participants may avail of a “Help Desk” to address any particular challenges or issues.


An optional module “The Working Mother’s Tool Kit” may be included, and the programme may be adapted to be sector-specific involving appropriate sector expertise.

This training programme consists of up to 8 online sessions, with mentoring and offline learning included. 


The duration can be adapted to suit the clients needs, however we recommend a time-frame of 12 weeks to complete the full course.

Programme Format

The Women in Business Series consists of a choice of two programmes:

1. The Female Entrepreneur (Early Phase Small Business Management)

Target Audience: Women who wish to start their own business and manage its early phase growth
Group Size: Up to 20 participants
Programme Structure: 6 X 3 hr live stream, weekly interactive webinar workshops with 10 hours of offline learning and planning. Additional supports include reference material, recommended reading, YouTube clips, practical tips and tools, the programme workbook which facilitates the conversion of knowledge into relevant action plus personal and business planning templates.
Programme Output: A Business and Personal Plan for Success

2. Women Managing Growing Businesses (Growth & Development)

Target Audience: Women managing an established business which has potential for significant Growth & Development (including exports)
Group Size: Up to 15 participants
Program Structure: 8 X 3 hr live stream, weekly interactive webinar workshops with 3 X online AV mentoring sessions per Company/Management Team. To get the best from the programme, participants (or team) should allocate at least one additional hour each week to review the training and reference material, recommended reading, YouTube clips, practical tips & tools. In addition, a
programme specific workbook facilitates the conversion of knowledge into action, a personal development plan and provides a template for a Strategic Business Growth & Development programme for the business.
Program Output: As this programme is classified by the European Training Foundation (ETF) as being an “International Best Practice Programme”, Participants/Company Teams who submit a Strategic Plan for Growth & Development of an appropriate standard will be awarded a tri-branded “Advanced Certificate in SME Management Practice” (ETF, Human Resource Excellence and the Business Development Agency)

We live in a hugely exciting era for Women in business; the opportunities for remote and flexible working, online networking and collaboration, eLearning and upskilling, eCommerce and digital marketing, access to online investment communities and other “digital disruptors” provide exciting solutions to the problems that Women traditionally face in business.
Amy Clinton
Programme Director

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      The Women in Business Series Programme FAQs

      Optimum Results have been delivering bespoke training programmes and customised mentoring solutions to our clients both domestically and internationally since 1995. We are thrilled to have fantastic case studies and testimonials to showcase our work over the years. 


      We also pride ourselves in our quality of training content and delivery, and as such, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

      The Women in Business series has two options – 1.) Female Entrepreneurs and 2.) Women in Growing Business. Each programme is uniquely designed to cater for the specific challenges Females face when managing and growing their business.


      The course covers a wide range of content covering 3 pillars:

      1. Managing Business
      2. Managing Self
      3. Digital Fluency

      The wide range of areas covered ensure you will be equipped with full toolbox to take back to your business.


      Talk to us today to see how your specific challenges can be addressed in this course – info@optimumresults.ie 


      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet these objectives.

      Contact us today through the form below, or by emailing us on info@optimumresults.ie, or phone at 042 93 33033.

      Contact us today to discuss the course and what payment options are available to you.

      We have a dedicated helpdesk for all our mentoring sessions and training programmes. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with any additional support you may need.

      Absolutely. Our range of delivery options ensures we can safely deliver all training programmes and mentoring sessions remotely, and just as effectively.