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Optimum Results have worked with a number of Overseas Clients over the past 26 years. The training programmes delivered internationally are delivered to individual clients, government agencies or through partner companies. Our in-depth understanding of the International markets allow us to tailor each programme to suit the culture and environment of the country the material is being delivered in.

Whilst we deliver all types of training internationally, three Optimum Results’ training programmes are classified by the European Training Foundation (ETF) as being of “International Best Practice” standing.


These three programmes are:


SME Management Skills (and early exporter) Business Development Programme.

The Professionals Business Advisory™

 Building competencies for those who work with SME’s.


Building management structure and the skills of Line/Middle Management.


For overseas projects, we often work with professional local Partners who know us well and who understand the culture, systems, politics, language, business support structure of the area and provide our clients with a permanent local presence”. We are actively seeking international partners and we would like to hear from you if:

  1. You work with Government, Business Development Agency or Aid Agency funded SME Management Skills Development projects.
  2. You have an established Training/HRD business and wish to bring state-of-the Online Training/Blended Learning/LMS Services to your clients utilising a ‘personal branded’ SeamsCloud.com service.
  3. Require cost effective and uncomplicated “Accreditation Services” for Client Training requirements.

Contact us at info@optimumresults.ie for more information.

Government Business Development Agency and Aid Organisations

Optimum Results work with, and on behalf of, funding agencies to design, deliver and manage SME Training & Development Programmes. We are chosen because of our:


~ Experience 

~ Capability

~ Quality Standards

~ Successful Track Record 

~ Excellent Team 

~ Tailor-Made Programmes

~ Advanced Online Technology

~ Emphasis on imparting our competencies and methodologies to Local Providers.

~ Ability to work with Subject & Sector Expert Partners 


Contact us at info@optimumresults.ie for more information.

Client Companies and Organisations

Many Management and Staff Development projects are undertaken directly with Client Organisations In the Optimum Results’ 10 Point Process, we:

  1. Engage, listen and understand the client’s business, ethos and values.
  2. Gain a thorough understanding of the Training and L&D needs of both the client and the learners.
  3. Formulate clearly defined training objectives and learning outputs.
  4. Agree a detailed programme specification and delivery methodology.
  5. Design, Deliver and Manage the programme (with frequent verification of objectives being achieved).
  6. Provide regular evidence of trainee satisfaction and progress.
  7. Identify and discuss challenges and suggested alterations with client as programme progresses.
  8. Complete training and evaluation. Provide final report and recommendations for ongoing improvement
  9. Proactively revisit programme with client 3 months later to verify conversion of learning into actions.
  10. Build long-term, partnership based ‘added value’, client relationship.

Contact us at info@optimumresults.ie for more information.

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