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Remote working is quickly becoming the norm across many industries. Master how to become a successful manager of remote teams and understand everything from recruiting, communication, performance, and culture.


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Understanding how to successfully manage remote teams has become an essential management skill. This course is a solution to a common issue which many businesses and staff are tying to overcome. Businesses need to adapt traditional skills and abilities to adjust to the ever changing digital world.

Owners and Manager of businesses of any size in any sector who wish to master the skills in managing a team remotely.

We will establish the core components of remote team management: communication, performance, and culture. We will then focus our attention to exploring the principles of management and types of management systems. Finally, participants will uncover the the essentials of implementation and some tools to help along the way. We aim to provide everyone with a solid understanding of the theory of remote team management, as well as practical experience through discussions and brain storms.

Online or classroom

3 Full Days or 5 Half Days

Modules Covered

Part 1: Review recent and current approach with Directors / Senior Managers:
i. Review ‘people management’ and ‘productivity management’ experience and challenges over the COVID-19 period to date.
ii. Discuss the potential, objectives and plans regarding managing people working remotely over the next year.


Part 2: Consult with / research line managers & staff working remotely:
i. Reflections and experiences of working remotely
ii. Suggestions and preferences as to how the process could be improved for the future.
iii. General thoughts as to Needs, Supports, Equipment, Technology and Facilities


Part 3: Working with HR or appointed senior manager, address / review:
i. Roles, Responsibilities and Job Contracts / Staff Handbook, Policies etc.
ii. Staffing requirements going forward.
iii. Organisation’s supports, technology, chosen communication systems, access to information and relevant individual’s competencies
iv. Information systems, Risk and IP Security / GDPR etc
v. Review ‘blended working’ options (office / home rosters)


Part 4: Formulate the Plan and involve relevant managers: Agree Individual and Teams’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Work Outputs, Communicating performance monitors and controls, Reporting procedures: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
Part 5: Delivery of Training: (Interactive Workshop Webinars) for Managers and staff as required (each Webinar Workshop = 90 minutes, delivered in 2 X 45-minute blocks with a break of 10 minutes), content will be agreed but likely to include topics such as:,
i. Coping with change and effectively working from home.
ii. Communication and Clarity, the keys to success.
iii. Agreeing KPIs, Outputs and a Reporting process. Giving & Receiving feedback. Setting / finetuning objectives/ elements of Performance Management (for both parties)
iv. Devising appropriate and effective Monitors and Controls for staff working remotely.
v. Work Planning, Organisation, Facilities, Structure & Discipline / Building in concepts of Team Communication; Colleagues and Comradery.
vi. Quality, Productivity and continual improvement.
Other Specific Skills Training Workshops may be required
Access to the SeamsCloud and other Online Training Modules


Part 6: Mentoring / Facilitation of individuals & teams as required
Test and Review / Finetune and improve

Silver Hill Farm have engaged Optimum Results for several years to deliver tailor-made training programme both our senior and front-line managers. In times of exceptional growth, this training has been a tremendous success and exceeded all our expectations. One of the most significant impacts is the remarkably increased levels of employee engagement with all participants eager to improve themselves and their performance. The Optimum Results’ style of delivery ensured that we also enjoyed the experience along the way.
Michael Briody
Silver Hill Foods Emyvale, Co. Monaghan

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