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Customer Service Skills are a critical component for any successful business. At Optimum Results we have a range of options to suit you and upskill your team on their customer service skills.


Bespoke - ranging from 45 minute eLearning modules to 3 day intensive programmes.

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Having good customer service skills really sets your company above the competition.  At Optimum Results we understand that the most suitable training programme for you is dependant on many factors such as organisation set up, hierachy, type of customers, current staff skillset etc.


Because of this, we now provide a range of options when it comes to upskilling on customer service. These include the following:

  1. Short eLearning modules to act as a refresher and compliance check for your staff members.
  2. 3 hour intensive workshops to really get to know your customer and help your staff members deal with them accordingly.
  3. 2 day intensive training programmes to equip your managers/supervisors with the necessary skills to empart their knowledge to frontline staff members.

Not only do we offer the above, but we also provide a design service, where we build the programme to suit your specific customer and staff members.


Our programmes are adapted to suit all levels of employees. From frontline staff members, to Supervisors, Managers, and Directors.  The training is tailored for all levels and all industries.

On completion of the training participants will:

• Have a good understanding of the needs and priorities of your typical customers and customer segments.
• Have a better understanding of the current customers’ experience and perceptions …and how to improve it.
• Understanding of the power and the impact of effective communication & listening skills combined with correct attitude & behaviour.
• Improve profitability through Cross Selling and Up Selling.
• Develop a Personal and Team Action plan to continue improvement programme following the training programme (Staff, Supervisors & Line Managers).

Our delivery method varies depending on who the participants are. However this programme can be delivered face-to-face, online, or through a blended format.

Course Duration is dependant on the participants, and exact requirements of the business, however this ranges from a short 45 minute eLearning module to a 2 day intensive programme.


Course content is bespoke to Participants requirements but can include:


• Overview and objectives of the programme
• Facilitated exploration of personal customer service experiences
• Exploration of current work practices & challenges (including the main findings of the mystery-shop reports)
• Who are our customers, what are their needs and what do we sell?
• The core skills of Superior Customer Care
• Essential elements of Communication
• Asking Good Questions and LISTENING
• Workbook and ACTIONS plan
• Facilitating customer thinking & decision making
• Brief client engagements / Rapport & Relationships
• Cross Selling and Up Selling
• Manging Difficult Customers & Complaints
• Personal Attitude, Thinking & Disposition
• Personal and group ACTIONS PLAN
• Part 3: Follow up & Review session
• Summary / Workshop Evaluation / Close

The Optimum Results team has worked with our company on several management skills development projects. They have played a very significant role in both the development and the implementation of our successful strategic growth programme. We believe Optimum Results have played a very significant role in developing a more confident and competent Colourtrend team with a clear sense of their roles & responsibilities.
Kevin O’Connor
Colourtrend/ General Paints Ltd, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

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      The Customer Service Skills Programme FAQs

      Optimum Results have been delivering bespoke training programmes and customised mentoring solutions to our clients both domestically and internationally since 1995. We are thrilled to have fantastic case studies and testimonials to showcase our work over the years.


      We also pride ourselves in our quality of training content and delivery, and as such, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

      The fantastic thing about mentoring, and all our programmes, is that they are completely customised to meet your specific objectives. Our programmes can have extremely positive effects on your organisation, from getting a plan of action together, to getting you out of a rut, do helping your team get across that ‘hump’ that they are struggling with.


      We can bridge that skills gap that you currently have, and empower your team, by providing them with the essential advice and support that they need.

      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet these objectives.


      Contact us today through the form below, or by emailing us on info@optimumresults.ie, or phone at 042 93 33033.


      Contact us today to discuss our pricing and payment options available.


      We have a dedicated helpdesk for all our mentoring sessions and training programmes. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with any additional support you may need.


      Absolutely. Our range of delivery options ensures we can safely deliver all training programmes and mentoring sessions remotely, and just as effectively.