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Optimum Results have developed and designed our own Learning Management System in-house – SeamsCloud. Unlike other online training companies, SeamsCloud uniquely draws from over 26 years experience in the Training & Development of People business, provides a personalised service for each of our clients with comprehensive in-house technical support and delivers a full online training service spectrum. We do this through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) with technical support and our library of ready-to-use training modules made specifically for your business and needs.

We also use this training platform to assist in the delivery of our training to our clients. See below our various options or visit www.seamscloud.com for more information.

1. Bespoke eLearning Content


We have delivered bespoke content for many clients and we have the processes in place to find out what you want and how to turn it into a working piece of eLearning content. We have been in business for 21 years, Let us use our years of experience in guiding your company with the help of successful eLearning. We can review your existing training content, whether it be in hard copy or digital, and consolidate it into concise eLearning modules.


2. Instant eLearning


Sometimes our customers are looking for branded or customised eLearning solutions. In these cases an off the shelf solution may not provide everything you are looking for. Staff Induction, Onboarding and Company Policies are good examples of this. In these cases you want the training content to be made specifically for you, content that demonstrates your company’s own values and expectations, content that your staff can more easily relate to and engage with.


3. The Measure of Success


One of the great advantages of online learning is the recording of proof or validation of learning. Whatever level of skills or competence you need to measure we can easily create banks of questions that the learner is assessed with at the end of any training module. Assessments can be as easy or difficult and can vary depending on the audience.

Benefits of SeamsCloud

Cost Savings

Typical cost savings of 50% to 80% over traditional training practices.

Audit-Ready Records

Vast improvement in training records and audit-ready compliance records.

Any Device

Training delivered on any device PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

24/7 Access

Anytime, anywhere with minimal disruption to duty rosters and diaries.

Diverse Subject Range

Any subject matter in any language, pitched at any level.

No Capital Outlay

No capital outlay, just a modest per user/per year fee.

Grows with you

Your system can be built up over time and elements updated regularly.

API Integration

Full API allows integration with current or other systems.

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