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Women Managing Business: Female Leadership Program

Online program that can be attended from work or home

Bi-weekly modules that can be completed at a pace that suits you

Access to a network of like-minded female professionals

  • Do you need help in formulating a plan to achieve career progression in your current organisation or industry?
  • Are you excited by the prospect of senior management roles but fearful of the increased responsibility?
  • Do you want to become a more confident communicator at work and learn the art of self-promotion?
  • Do you want to gain the confidence and skills to excel at the same level as your male peers?

A Program Inspired by the Gender-Related Challenges to Career Progression Experienced by Women Every Day at Work...

The identification by research experts of distinctive barriers  faced by women in the workplace has inspired the developed of The Optimum Results Women Managing Business series of courses.  We continue to see talented women drop out of industry prematurely, losing the confidence and ambition to progress their careers.  The Women Managing Business series has been designed by women with first-hand experience of these gender-specific barriers experienced by female corporate executives.

How will the Female Leadership Program Help Me to Overcome These Barriers to My Career Progression?

The programme aims to educate participants as to the research findings –  to make participants aware that no matter how competent they are they will face challenges that are not experienced by men at work.


After exploring the research, the programme progresses to deliver key learnings that will give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to recognise these barriers when they present at work and the ability in that regard to overcome them.



Upon completion of this programme participants will understand the importance of self-advocacy and personal branding for career development. They will also develop the ability to communicate with strategic intent and to speak in a way that ensures they are heard.


Participants of the Female Leadership Programme will be invited to be part of the Women in Business Network giving them access to a group of like-minded ambitious female professionals who will continue to offer moral support throughout their career journey.



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Who is the female leadership program for?

Women in junior to middle team lead or management roles who are ambitious to progress to senior leadership positions

Program Structure:

6 X 3 hr live stream workshops, delivered bi-weekly, with 10 hours of offline learning and career planning.

Guest Speaker Event

Participant Supports:

Access to all workshop recordings

Recommended reading lists

Slack group for ongoing communication

Career Development Action Plan upon programme completion

Optional Mentoring Support

How is the Female Leadership Program Structured?

The programme is designed around 3 strands of learning – Managing Self, Managing Business and Managing Digital.  This structure enables participants to develop themselves and their business acumen whilst learning about the digital resources available to help them to achieve work/life balance.

Delivery Style, Nature & Methodology

Our Training Webinar Workshops are interactive, participative, engaging and enjoyable with modular content delivered by experienced and qualified subject experts. 3-hour modules are delivered in 2 x 90 minute blocks with a 15 minute break. Training focuses on building practical skills required by participants and assists the conversion of Knowledge into Action.


Training materials and the programme workbook are of a high standard and are sent to participants in advance of each module. Networking, Peer Support and Collaboration is facilitated and encouraged to continue far beyond the duration of the training and, as with all Optimum Results’ training programmes, participants may avail of a “Help Desk” to address any particular challenges or issues. An optional module, “The Working Mother’s Tool Kit”, may be included, and the programme may be adapted to involve appropriate sector expertise.

We live in a hugely exciting era for Women in business; the opportunities for remote and flexible working, online networking and collaboration, eLearning and upskilling, eCommerce and digital marketing, access to online investment communities and other “digital disruptors” provide exciting solutions to the problems that Women traditionally face in business.
Amy Clinton
Programme Director


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If you are an ambitious female professional in any industry and you want to progress your career then this is the programme for you.  

If you believe that you are experiencing gender-related barriers to career progression in your industry then this is the programme for you.

If you have excellent qualifications but feel  you lack the professional confidence and business acument to pursue senior management roles then this is the course for you.  

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