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A critical element of any organisation is to keep up to date with Employment Law. This programme ensures your HR team have the necessary skills to deal with any issues that occur.


Option A: 2 x Half Days
Option B: 4 x Half Days

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Optimum Results offer two levels of Essentials of Employment Law training programmes.


Programme A: 2 X Half Days for Supervisors and Line Mangers “Essential elements of Employment Law”

Programme B: 4 X Half Days for Business Managers “Good HR Practices and Essential Elements of Employment Law”


Depending on your organisation, and seniority of staff member attending, we can decide which option is best suited, and further adapt it to suit your business needs.

As there are two different levels to this programme, it is suitable to Supervisors/Line Managers or Business Managers. 


We also cater for Managers at a higher or lower level, chat to us today about the elements that are most important for your team to learn.

This course ensures that any employee at any level can enhance their knowledge of employment law and HR issues to adequately deal with any issues that might arise on a day-to-day basis.

This course can be delivered through online sessions or on-site depending on your requirements. 


The training programme consists of a series of 2 or 4 half day sessions.


These can also be delivered in an intensive workshop of 1 or 2 days if required.

All our courses begin with a consultation to identify what your key challenges are, and a programme is designed to specifically meet this. 


The areas we typically cover in Essential Elements of Employment Law are:


• Important elements of Employment Law

• Recruitment & Selection

• Terms of Employment

• Leave Entitlements*

• Payment of Wages

• Data Protection*

• Employment Equality*

• Health, Safety and wellbeing*

• Performance Management*

• Discipline & Grievance

• Termination of Employment

• Working from Home

• Duty of care and special circumstances

“The Optimum Results team has worked with our company on several skills development projects from frontline staff to our middle managers. They have played a very significant role in both the development and the implementation of our successful strategic growth programme. We believe Optimum Results have played a very significant role in developing a more confident and competent Colourtrend team with a clear sense of their roles & responsibilities”.
Kevin O Connor

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      The Essentials of Employment Law Programme FAQs

      Optimum Results have been delivering bespoke training programmes and customised mentoring solutions to our clients both domestically and internationally since 1995. We are thrilled to have fantastic case studies and testimonials to showcase our work over the years.

      We also pride ourselves in our quality of training content and delivery, and as such, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

      The fantastic thing about all our programmes, is that they are completely customised to meet your specific objectives. 

      We can bridge that skills gap that you currently have, and empower your team, by providing them with the essential advice and support that they need.

      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet your specific business challenges.

      Contact us today through the form below, or by emailing us on info@optimumresults.ie, or phone at 042 93 33033.

      Contact us today to discuss the course and what payment options are available to you.


      We have a dedicated helpdesk for all our mentoring sessions and training programmes. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with any additional support you may need.


      Absolutely. Our range of delivery options ensures we can safely deliver all training programmes and mentoring sessions remotely, and just as effectively.