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Negotiation Skills can be critical to some organisations. Having your team equipped with the power to negotiate deals/contracts effectively can result in a healthy return on investment.


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Poor negotiation skills can have such a devastating impact to your organisations bottom line. This training programme allows you to understand the negotiation process, and the elements of good negotiation skills.


This course will prepare you for  making those critical business negotiations whether they are on a daily basis, or ad-hoc contracts critical to your business.

Owners and Manager of businesses of any size in any sector who wish to develop their negotiation skills.

Participants should finish the course with a firm understanding of what the negotiation process is, the various steps along the way, and the skills needed to make positive negotiations in business.


The Programme will be delivered using a mix of methods which have been tried and tested by the delivery team over the past ten years. These include:


  1. Delivery via Zoom or another suitable platform. Optimum Results Ltd has developed the capability to deliver highly effective training interventions and have been able to use the full functionality of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams to enhance the experience for Participants. Confidentiality can be maintained using individual Breakout Rooms where Participants can talk on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer as required
  2. On-site Delivery at your business premises or at our state-of-the-art training rooms

All courses are bespoke to your business needs, however we envisage this course being delivered over 1 full working day.

Course modules will include the below:


 – Understanding the negotiation process.
 – What makes a good negotiator?
 – Good communications.
 – Listening and questioning techniques.
 – Structured negotiation techniques.
 – Tactics and tips.

As part of a growth & development strategy in our Company, we embarked on a programme of upskilling our Line and Divisional Supervisors and Managers. In this light, we engage with Optimum Results in 2019 with whom we had worked previously. We have now very satisfactorily completed the first phase and commencing a more complex Phase II which integrates Line and Senior Management Training. We are hugely pleased with the Optimum Results team who put a special effort into understanding our Company needs and achieving the desired outcomes.
Peter G McCaughey
IJM Timber Engineering Ltd Monaghan

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      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet these objectives.


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