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This brand new innovative program from Optimum Results provides you the power to manage and measure your distribution channels/resellers more effectively.


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This training programme sees us partner with our sister company Customer Perceptions (specialists in market research) to bring to you a 360 all encompassing programme to accelerate your sales.


Our experience shows us that Distributors/ReSeller businesses face a unique challenge in ensuring that their sellers are promoting their products to the highest standards that you expect.


This programme allows you to measure your distribution channels through a process of consultation, training, mystery shopping audits and reporting.

Any businesses who work with agents, stockists, resellers or distributors to sell their products.

The key outcomes of this programme are:

  1. Increase sales and profit margins
  2. Improve reputation and brand image
  3. Increase customer satisfaction and Net Promotor Scores
  4. Entice new resellers with this competitive offering
  5. Eliminate waste costs
  6. Streamline product knowledge training and updates
  7. Encourage long-term partnerships with resellers

The Programme will be delivered using a mix of methods which have been tried and tested by the delivery team over the past ten years. These include:


 – Delivery via Zoom or another suitable platform. Optimum Results Ltd has developed the capability to deliver highly effective training interventions and have been able to use the full functionality of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams to enhance the experience for Participants. Confidentiality can be maintained using individual Breakout Rooms where Participants can talk on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer as required

 – On-site Delivery at your business premises or at our state-of-the-art training rooms.

This programme is tailored to each individual client,  Depending on your requirements we can create this programme based on your company’s needs and timeline.

Our programme is bespoke to your own individual needs. Talk to us today about how we can tailor the programme to solve your unique challenges.


Below are some of the steps we will use to do this:


  1. Buy In  we can facilitate win-win co-operation and agreement of your re-sellers to be part of the programme.
  2. Measurements  – through our expert mystery shopping panel, we can measure and record current levels of compliance (including product knowledge, POS visibility and customer service) throughout your network to establish where improvements are needed and tailor the programme to meet these challenges.
  3. Training Programme Design – Our specialist Online Training Team ( www.SeamsCloud.com ) will help design and produce appropriate product/technical online training modules for your re-seller staff. Training can be at different levels (floor staff, line management, higher management). 
  4. Training Delivery – We will host the online training process in co-operation with your re-sellers and provide help desk services for the trainees. All relevant staff members will be issued with unique log in information to access their bespoke training modules at any time, on any device.
  5. Reporting – You will also have a quick reference dashboard of training activity, results and progress to evaluate the success of the programme and your Return on Investment. You will also have access to a mystery shopping reporting dashboard to have instant access to KPIs.
The Optimum Results team has worked with our company on several management skills development projects. They have played a very significant role in both the development and the implementation of our successful strategic growth programme. We believe Optimum Results have played a very significant role in developing a more confident and competent Colourtrend team with a clear sense of their roles & responsibilities.
Kevin O’Connor
Colourtrend/ General Paints Ltd, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

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      The Weakest Link Training Programme FAQs

      Optimum Results have been delivering bespoke training programmes and customised mentoring solutions to our clients both domestically and internationally since 1995. We are thrilled to have fantastic case studies and testimonials to showcase our work over the years.

      We also pride ourselves in our quality of training content and delivery, and as such, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients

      The fantastic thing about this course, and all our programmes, is that they are completely customised to meet your specific objectives. Training can have extremely positive effects on your organisation, from getting a plan of action together, to getting you out of a rut, to helping your team get across that ‘hump’ that they are struggling with.


      We can bridge that skills gap that you currently have, and empower your team, by providing them with the essential advice and support that they need.

      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet these objectives.

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      Contact us today to discuss our pricing and payment options available.


      We have a dedicated helpdesk for all our training programmes. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with any additional support you may need.


      Absolutely. Our range of delivery options ensures we can safely deliver all training programmes and mentoring sessions remotely, and just as effectively.