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Risk assessment is a role within a business that’s focal point is recognises potential hazards. The aim is to discover hazards, then assess and evaluate the risks they create.


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The Risk Assessment and Management workshop offers guidance for employees that have a role within the workplace for completing risk assessments. We deliver a detailed programme of content designed to help participants  have a more in-depth understanding of the principles of the assessment, whilst providing the skills required to successfully complete safety assessments within a business.


This comprehensive workshop provides insight into all of the significant steps involved during any hazard assessment. It will focus on how to identify potential risks, educate on how to manage the threat, and also uncover the chance of harm, giving participants the confidence needed to successfully complete risk assessments in the future.  

Human Resource employees, Facilities managers, health and safety officers, line managers, supervisors, team leaders, or any employees with a similar duty or responsibilities for carrying out risk assessments within the business.

By the end of the course each learner will be able to:

• Appreciate the benefits of risk planning and assessment
• Understand the risk management process
• Have a step-by-step approach to identifying and analysing possible risks
• Have the tools needed to implement and document a successful risk assessment plan

The Programme can be delivered using a mix of methods which have been tried and tested by the delivery team over the past ten years. These include:

1. Delivery via Zoom or another suitable platform. Optimum Results Ltd has developed the capability to deliver highly effective training interventions and have been able to use the full functionality of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams to enhance the experience for Participants. Confidentiality can be maintained using individual Breakout Rooms where Participants can talk on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer as required
2. On-site Delivery at your business premises or at our state-of-the-art training rooms

1 Full day workshop

The Risk Assessment Management Workshop consists of:


• Understanding risk
• The need for risk management – why is it necessary?
• Risk management overview – definition of risks and risk categories
• Risk management strategies – Avoidance; Mitigation; Acceptance; Procurement; Contingency; Insurance;
• Documentation and responding to risks – the risk plan
• Closure of risks

“Optimum Results have delivered their unique, best practice, accredited, Professional Business Advisor Programme four times for the Local Enterprise Office managers and staff across the Country. This programme is superb! It is highly engaging, practical and interactive. The highly skilled trainers share their vast experience of working with SME’s, which is hugely beneficial to participants and adds significant value to the learning experience. The feedback from participants is always extremely positive. I would highly recommend Optimum Results as a professional training provider. It is always a pleasure to work with their team
Sarah Coughlan
Local Enterprise Office

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