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The Operational Management and Supervision Programme was designed to allow business owners and management to get a better understanding of their operations performance and the skills with their team.


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The Strategic Operations and Systems for the Superior Organisation Programme is aimed at assisting business owners and managers to assess their business performance, operations and to recognise the skills and talent within their team. Thus ensuring a streamlined running of their business as well as optimising staff’s skills and abilities, reducing costs, churn and time lost.

Owners and Managers of Small and Medium businesses as well as entrepreneurs.

The key outcomes of the Operations Management Programme will be: –


– Twelve Business Owners and Management teams with a significantly improved understanding of their operations performance;
– Twelve Business Owners and Managers with an improved understanding of the talent within their teams and with renewed focus on situational leadership of their teams.
– Participants will have an improved understanding of improvement techniques and how to implement improvements throughout their organisation;
– Improved business performance and an appetite for further implementation of best practice operations management techniques.

The Programme will be delivered using a mix of methods which have been tried and tested by the delivery team over the past ten years. These include:

  1. Delivery via Zoom or another suitable platform. Optimum Results Ltd has developed the capability to deliver highly effective training interventions and have been able to use the full functionality of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams to enhance the experience for Participants. Confidentiality can be maintained using individual Breakout Rooms where Participants can talk on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer as required
  2. On-site Delivery at your business premises or at our state-of-the-art training rooms

The programme commences with an assessment of the participants current business performance and the business potential for growth & profitability.


6 half day sessions will cover all assigned modules and a project will need to be completed during the participants own time to ensure a full understanding of the modules.

Module 1 – Operations in Practice:

– Ownership and Accountability in our roles and how we can apply it to our teams;
– Identification of SMART(ER) Goals for your business;
– Performance Indicators and building your Balanced Scorecard;
– Self Assessment Processes and Performance and Growth;
– Psychological Safety; and the High Performing team.


Module 2 – Developing the Efffective Team:
– Learn about self and others’ preferred style in interpersonal conflicts (Thomas Kilman);
– Understand influencing styles.
– Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development and how to support a team;
– Tools for effective Communication and Collaboration with each other in team situations;
– Understand trust and building relationships in Teams;
– ‘Live’ the Belbin Team Roles and how to effectively work together in a team environment;
– Strategies for Situational Leadership in the organisation.


Module 3 – Effective Monitoring and Diagnosis:
– Alignment between strategic and operational goals;
– Scorecards / Dashboards completion and review;
– Stage managing the forum for review – Alignment with ISO Standard requirements etc;
– Business Planning / Business Plan Reviews;
– Managing Actions and Outcome.


Module 4 – Improvement Techniques:
– Understanding Lean Techniques – Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) – Define Measure Analyse Improve Control (DMAIC);
– Basic Tools refresher – The 7 QC Tools;
– Application of the 7 Step PDCA Improvement Technique;
– Simulated Problem


Module 5 – Supply Chain Management:
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Stock Control systems;
– Production Planning and Order Management;
– Logistics and supply chain management;
– Order Fulfilment and Reverse Logistics;
– Project assignment / agreement for final session


Module 6 – Tie it all together:
– Presentation Skills Brief:
– Communication Skills


Project Completion and Implementation.

Each participant / company to complete a project that will be selected by the participant / company in the area of:

– Waste Reduction;
– Cost Savings;
– Equipment Efficiency;
– Customer satisfaction;
– Talent Development.


Mentoring and support, in person and online shall be provided by instructors in the programme.


Final presentations shall be provided to the peer group and to Trainers and Optimum Results Team.

2020 sees us commence our third round of Management and staff Development Programme with Optimum Results (Dundalk). The first, was a 12 Day programme for Divisional Managers and Supervisors and the second was a more advanced programme for our senior managers, utilising the findings and observations from Prog 1. Our new programme combines basic level First Line Management training with continuing up skilling of our Middle and Senior Team. The feedback from Optimum Results; training is always very positive, and all participants agree that results exceed our expectations.
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