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Skills Development for SME Managers

Embark on dynamic learning with experienced trainers, online or in-class. Our 2 x 90-minute sessions with a 15-minute break cater to your needs, offering a balanced and engaging experience. Choose us for impactful training that fosters knowledge absorption and skill development.


2 x 90-minute Sessions

Interactive Sessions

Engaging Content

Experienced Trainers

Experts in their field

Resources & Materials

Reference notes

  • Managing Self

  • Strategic Planning to Optimise Business Performance

  • Managing SME Finances

  • Managing and Developing People

  • Introduction to Supervisor, Line Manager and Leadership Skills

  • Marketing, Selling, Customer Care & e-Commerce

  • Competitiveness, Operations & Productivity

  • Women in Business

  • A Practical Approach to a “Green SME”

  • Keeping up-to-date in a Rapidly Changing SME World

  • Specialist Programmes

  • New Business Start-Ups (SYOB)

The short courses are designed for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in specific areas of business. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or supervisor looking to boost your capabilities, these courses are tailored to accommodate diverse backgrounds and roles.


Attendees can range from SME owners and managers to those aiming to refine their leadership skills and gain insights into strategic growth, business planning, finance, marketing, and more. Whatever your career stage or industry, if you’re eager to elevate your expertise and contribute to your organization’s success, these short courses are ideal for you.

On completion of the training participants will have:

  1. A good understanding of the SME sector and SME Management behaviours and needs.
  2. An excellent understanding of the holistic business model as a framework for business performance, analysis and planning.
  3. Significantly improved ability to identify ”value added” opportunities for your clients.
  4. Confidence to engage in business discussion with clients about performance and development.
  5. A good understanding of the key disciplines of business.
  6. A good understanding of the process of SME growth and development of the process of facilitating SME Management thinking and decision making.
  7. Completed a work-book assignment/Client Case Study to the standard required to be awarded the “Advanced Certificate in Client Business Development”.

The Programme will be delivered using a mix of methods which have been tried and tested by the delivery team over the past ten years. These include:

  1. Delivery via Zoom or another suitable platform. Optimum Results Ltd has developed the capability to deliver highly effective training interventions and have been able to use the full functionality of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams to enhance the experience for Participants. Confidentiality can be maintained using individual Breakout Rooms where Participants can talk on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer as required.
  2. On-site Delivery at your business premises or at our state-of-the-art training rooms

2 x 90minute sessions

2020 sees us commence our third round of Management and staff Development Programme with Optimum Results (Dundalk). The first, was a 12 Day programme for Divisional Managers and Supervisors and the second was a more advanced programme for our senior managers, utilising the findings and observations from Prog 1. Our new programme combines basic level First Line Management training with continuing up skilling of our Middle and Senior Team. The feedback from Optimum Results; training is always very positive, and all participants agree that results exceed our expectations.
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      Optimum Results have been delivering bespoke training programmes and customised mentoring solutions to our clients both domestically and internationally since 1995. We are thrilled to have fantastic case studies and testimonials to showcase our work over the years.


      We also pride ourselves in our quality of training content and delivery, and as such, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

      Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or supervisor, aiming to boost skills in business, these short courses are designed for you. Tailored to accommodate diverse backgrounds and roles, the courses cover essential areas. Ideal for anyone eager to enhance expertise and contribute to organisational success, these short courses suit various industries and career stages.

      Absolutely. All our sessions start with learning your objectives, and tailoring the session to meet these objectives.


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